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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  August 12, 2011 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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freedom of choice act. >> she's got a record of misstating and making false statements. >> you said the era of small government was over. that sounds a lot more like barack obama if you ask me. >> for his part, national front runner mitt romney tried to stay above the fray focussing his attacks on president obama. >> look, i'm not going to eat barack obama's dog food. what he served up is not what i would have done had i been president of the united states. >> romney's biggest challenge could be texas governor rick perry. his advisors confirmed just hours before the debate that perry will officially enter the presidential race tomorrow. while republicans squared off in iowa president obama tried to tap into voter frustration over the debt downgrade by taking a big swing at congress. >> there's some in congress right now who would rather see their opponents lose than see america win. >> and wall street roaring back.
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strong retail sales today drives stocks higher. giving hope to investors still suffering whiplash from this week's record setting gains and losses. good day, i'm andrea mitchell live in des moines, iowa, back at java joes. tim pawlenty kicked off at a political breakfast and continued to raise questions about michele bachmann's qualifications to be president. >> she shaz not achieved results to be a nominee? >> if you look at her co-record in congress her report and results is nonexistent. she said she led the fight against obama care. we have obama care. she led the fight against government spening. we have lots of government spending. it's down the list. it's not enough to be a voice. you have to achieve some results. if you take on the mantle on leader are you self-assigned the label of leader. you've got to be accountable for the results. >> after i caught up with tim pawlenty at that politico breakfast we turn odd the rowdy
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debate last night. the republican candidates making their final pitches to iowa voters before tomorrow's straw poll. and sarah palin's bus show has crashed the show. just turned up at the des moines state fair. chuck today is host of "the daily rundown." >> crash is the right word. there's 700 journalists around. i'll come. look at me. >> rick perry we can talk about what his game is. for sarah palen to show up on the eve of the straw poll, she's not an announced candidate. perry we know is. >> we'll know sarah palin's serious about doing something in american politics when she quits her day job. when she quits working as a fox news comment taytors. that's what the other guys did at some point. what i've noticed is she doesn't get the same type of lumps of attention each time she does this in the last six months. keep an eye on what palin says about rick perry.
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they're personally very close. if there's something she's closer to in this race and rumors that somehow she's here to help him. that she's here to step on ames to help rick perry. >> or help herself. here's sarah palin just moments ago at the state fair. >> are you a potential candidate? >> still a potential. still thinking about it. >> there you go. >> there's the great -- you have to call it a political tease. >> it is a little bit. if she wanted to be on the soap box you have to file to be a candidate. they do make you do that if you want to do that at the state fair. these next 24 hours -- the iowa caucuses have turned into a minnesota primary. i think with perry's entrance you suddenly feel the tension between pawlenty and bachmann.
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only one's going to be able to come out and probably compete with the other two. >> pawlenty did acknowledge for the first time this morning that he's got to do well. he's got to show some progress. that they've got to show something. >> is this rocky bobby? if you ain't first, you're last? because perry's announcement tomorrow is a big deal. >> it is a big deal. >> just seeing it. he's going to be in south carolina. just seeing it. then suddenly the straw poll certainly there's 700 of us here. journalists that are going to be here covering it. >> we don't get a vote. >> covering the winner if it is bachmann or pawlenty we'll be seen as okay, they're in the top tier. romney's in the top tier and now rick perry. is there room for anybody else? it's hard to imagine that there is. >> let's look at some of the performances last night. romney showing his experience trying to stay above the fray. did he step into something a little bit after the state fair
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when he talked about corporations being people? >> they feel great about it. the romney people said his iowa moment had nothing to do with the debate. it was the back and forth on the des moines register soap box. democrats people as if they've got a byte to use. maybe not quite as powerful as the -- but they think that is something they're going to be able to use over and over again. but what romney's folks like is they were able to show the guy does have passion. that's been what's supposedly lacking. people like romney. they question his heart. he's too heady of a candidate. he showed some fire that is what is exciting romney supporters. maybe he can tap into this tea party excitement that's going on right now. >> and in one or two words, as your chief white house
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correspondent role, who does barack obama really want to run against? >> i think the last person he wants to run against is mitt romney. they've made that pretty clear. perry or bachmann they would love it. bachmann i think there's long-term damage that was done for her last night if she wants to get the nomination. she can become a powerful force many the party. this debt ceiling position, the entire republican business community will be now full -- if she is a threat to actually get the nomination, they will actively try to stop her in this. >> chuck today, see you later. see you tonight. >> i'll see you tonight from the state fair. >> and sarah palin's not a candidate, but she's sure acting like one. with me by phone we caught up with palin at the fair. alex, great job. >> reporter: it's not easy to track her down. she arrived shortly after 11:00 central time here.
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we were able to find her out with the cattle shaking hands with even she met. even that stopped and talked with her wanted to take a picture. get an autograph, say hi. she's here with her husband, today and their daughter piper. and those are -- they are walking around the fair as we speak. >> alex, when you see sarah palin gathering such a crowd, does she seem to attract more of a crowd than orpersonalities, she's not a candidate. >> reporter: absolutely. the crowd right now that i'm looking at has at least i would say 50 to 100 people that includes reporters and people just wanting to take pictures. since i've been in iowa i haven't seen a crowd around a potential candidate this large. she seems to be drawing a lot of attention. she told me that she's still thinking about running. she's still a potential candidate. does not know her time line as to when she's going to decide. said she wanted to come to the
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state fair on an invitation to come here and eat fried food on a stick. >> alex moe on the palin hunt. thanks a lot. great job. the straw poll is supposed to be a fundraiser for iowa's republican party setting the stage for the party's run against president obama. last night as chuck was saying some of the republican candidates went after each other instead. >> she said she's not got a titanium spine. it's not her spine we're worried about, it's her view of reflects. please stop, you're killing us. >> i feel that i'm separated from the other candidates with my strong belief in liberty and limited government and different foreign policy and wanting to deal with the fed. >> anyone that suggests that iran is not a threat to this country and not a threat to stability many the mideast is not seeing the world very clearly. he sees it exactly the way that barack obama sees it. >> we're joined now by matt
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straun the chairman of the iowa republican party. matt, thanks so much for coming. i want to ask you about sarah palin. she has crashed the party. what does that do to the straw poll and the process and the other candidates who have been here for weeks and weeks. >> it speaks to how relevant iowa is. that's why she chose, she'd love to go to the iowa state fair and get something on a stick, she's here because it's the center of the political universe. >> what do you think she's up to? you don't think she's running? >> we haven't seen any evidence around the state to make the contacts that you need in an organization state. she'll be back over the labor day weekend to talk to a tea party group. >> would you like to see her run? >> that's a decision she has to make. at the end of the day to be successful in iowa you need to be on the ground giving regular iowans a chance to ask you tough questions. >> there were a lot of tough questions back and forth last night some from the questioners. certainly questions back and
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forth between bachmann and pawlenty. the minnesota twins, if you will. how does that help the republican party here? >> i think it's part of a healthy, competitive, primary process. at the end of the day the republicans need to make sure we have a battle tested candidate ready to face barack obama especially in the state that will determine who the next president is. we're a classic swing state. iowa republican voters were looking for a little difuation before they go to the polls. >> what surprised you coming out of the debate? some people were surprised that mitt romney although he engage from the soap box yesterday. what did you find surprising? >> there wasn't much that surprised me. i knew that the candidates aggressively come petting, rick santorum, tim pawlenty, bachmann, paul, they were speaking to an audience encouraging to get on buses and make a drive on saturday.
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it was important for them to motivate their supporters. i think they all did that in area own way. >> what about huntsman? some people feel that he didn't really project, didn't play. he's got all these qualifications. this was his first debate. was there some nerves there? >> i'll leave that to the pundits that assess. but certainly i'm sure your first debate there's always a little bit of that at stake. i do hope at some point we do see him here more in iowa. i think there's a great opportunity for any candidate to connect with the voters. it's still wide open as i've seen it at this point in the caucus process. >> when you look towards the election, the health care is a huge issue. the u.s. appeals court has just held that the rest of president obama's health care draw could stand even if the individual mandate is knocked out. we are waiting to hear more about that court ruling. what about the fact that mitt romney and president obama seem to have at least in one point been very close together in the philosophy about health care?
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>> that's i think you saw some of that last night where some of the candidates decided to not only drefly advocate for their positions start to draw some stark contrast. i think that's part of the process. i was pleased to see that there was strong questioning that tried to draw out the differences in the candidates. i know that's what the iowa republicans are look for as well. it's the same questions that they're asking in your coffee shops and town hall meetings. you had it on a broader national stage last night. >> you look too healthy and too fit. i don't think you're eating those fried twingys or butter. >> after saturday's straw poll, you can find me out there next week. >> thanks for your hospitality here in iowa. we love being here. msnbc's live coverage of the ames straw poll begins tomorrow at 7:00 a.m. eastern. don't miss it. don't miss the special edition of "andrea mitchell reports" 4:00 saturday followed by a special edition of "the daily rundown" at 6:00 eastern. send me your thoughts on twitter and follow the show.
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republicans aren't the only politicians coming to iowa. democrats are trying to launch a strike on the preemptive opponents. now joining me debbie wasserman
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schultz. what did you think? what would be the toughest contender against barack obama? >> last night it was really distressing to see each of the republican candidates for president trying to out right wing each other. what was the most disturbing was when they each took a pledge that even when asked if they would support a deal that was ten to one cuts to revenue, they still is all slavishly adhered to restricters of the tea party. in that circumstances wouldn't ask the most fortunate americans to make their fair share. that's what struck me the most. to be honest with you, there was a lot of sniping and i thought that the bachmann, pawlenty exchange was pretty humorous and at the end of the day, americans are looking for ideas and they got more of the same failed policies of the past last night. not really surprising. >> at the same time, the
10:18 am
president is clearly very challenged. a lot of people certainly huge majorities in "the washington post" poll this week show that americans really don't have confidence in either party. they don't have confidence in the administration's ability or in congress's ability to fix the problems. to lead in a new direction or fix the economy, principally. >> it's incredibly important that we make an effort to come together. if that's what americans are looking for. that's what president obama have been pressing for. unfortunately as we saw in the debate over the debt ceiling deal at the end of the day, president obama and congressional democrats were pushing hard for compromise and the republicans were adhering slavishly to the tea party. and compromise was ultimately reached, but not without dragging them kicking and screaming. in this campaign, it's one thing to have disagreements, it's another to have opponents. but i think americans want us to
10:19 am
stop treating our opponents like the enemy and try to figure out a way to work together to focus on job creation and continue to get this economy turned around. that's -- that's what's going to inspire their confidence. if you look at the recent polling, republicans are faring far worse than democrats. 59% of americans in recent polls disapprove of the republican party and put more of the blame on the gridlock on them which is understandable. >> now, this has just been reported that the u.s. appeals court in washington has knocked out the individual mandate. we're just getting this. it obviously has to go to the supreme court. this was of course that lawsuit from 26 states working its way up to the supreme court. if the individual mandate is taken out, it undercuts the whole economic structure and the philosophical structure of president obama's health care plan. >> well, we know and have known with all the lawsuits there have
10:20 am
been a lot of different decisions most of the decisions han hand down have upheld the individual mandate a lot remains to be seen. the bottom line is that we need to make sure that health care reform law is fully implemented to keep patients and doctors many the driver's seat and save americans money when it comes to their health care kog cost and ensure that insurance companies aren't in control of health care decisions again. that's what's important. >> debbie wasserman schultz, thank you for leading the democratic team in iowa. live next from des moines, the politico briefing with mike allen. you're watching "andrea mitchell reports" on msnbc. the place for politics live from java joes. time for the "your business" entrepreneur of the week. diner lolita healy copyrighted her first cartoon character when she was just 12. 20 years later she did the same with hand painted martini
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about what goes on on stage when viewers are not watching. politico's mike allen interviewed tim pawlenty this morning. he was so much looser and funnier. people were commenting throughout the audience that in that format he teemed so be more himself. >> he came with no tie, cowboy boots which maybe was a little bit of a message. but so many officials told us if iowans had been seeing this tim pawlenty, a relaxed able to talk in detail about his policies the outlook might be different for tomorrow. >> he might have a ground game. everyone's got their buses in trying to bet people to the straw poll. at this point he might surprise. what are the stakes for him? >> nobody disputes that the passion is on the bachmann side. passion is with ron paul.
10:25 am
he's been spending a lot of money. the ron paul people always surprise you. tim pawlenty's hope is many the mechanics, the organization. they lined up a bunch of buses earlier. this is such a cut throat game that the paw electee people put aside the buses. the bachmann people said fine, we'll just ride your buses. >> the bachmann people riding in on the pawlenty bus. >> that's happened before. there's no sort of loyalty test twist this time is that the pawlenty people set up a shuttle. if you want to come in and vote, they'll take you in and vote they'll take you back out. you don't have to stay around and eat the barbecue, although, i sure will. >> we hope we can always. we've got some flies here. >> it's a fun place. >> let's talk about rick perry. you had an exclusive look at his announcement speech in south carolina tomorrow. he's in alabama raising some money for the party.
10:26 am
thoed they go into charleston. today the kick off in new hampshire and then iowa sunday. he really is trying to steal the thunder from what's going on here. >> oh my goodness all the buzz is not only about rick perry how smart it is. this place is filled with politicos, politicians people in the game. and everybody admires this brilliance of this. the speech is very reganesque. the draft that we looked at begins by saying the change we seek will not emanate from washington, but from the farms and feels factory of america. stealing the word change there. if you're barack obama, if you're recognizing that rick perry is the new toy in the race, the new puppy, people are going to be fascinated with him. he seems to have real across the party appeal to have him taking your word, that's tough. >> mike allen on top of everything, thank you very much. >> thank you. and with the iowa debate more like a game of survivor, up
10:27 am
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we're liver in des moines. we're at java joes. republicans are out campaigning for one more day had of tomorrow's straw poll. what can we expect. with me now are two at the best at breaking down the scenarios. anne selgtser who correctly predicted the outcome of the 2008 iowa caucuses. kand charlie cook msnbc political analyst. charlie looking at the debate, what did you find surprising? where was jon huntsman, is mitt romney flying over the field?
10:31 am
>> i think mitt romney and michele bachmann held their own at the top tier. i think pawlenty did well enough to survive where his candidacy is really on the edge. he did well enough to survive. i thought jon huntsman and herman cain were just awful. i thought they didn't help themselves at all. i thought it was kind of fun to watch newt going after fox. it was sort of out of character, but interesting. >> by the way, right now we see mary pawlenty introducing her husband tim pawlenty out at the state fair. he's about to get up on that soap box. he as you can see is much more casual and relax laxed. he was terrible at breakfast this morning. he was wowing the crowd. a sense of humor. a little stiff last night. took some jabs at her. and you say, held his own. >> i thought pawlenty did as well last night as i had expected him to do in previous events. i thought santorum for a guy that doesn't have much of a chance of winning i thought he did fairly well.
10:32 am
>> from an iowa perspective you watch this more closely than all of us. how do you think it plays to the audience here in iowa which is exactly what counts when we're talking about the straw poll is this. >> i think charlie's right that pawlenty had to do something to improve the numbers. yooi yeah appears to be just not that into him. he needed to do something to move him up. michele bachmann we saw her catapult to the top of the leader board. anybody envying that was going to have to enhance their position or bring her down and we saw candidates doing both. >> what about rick perry showing up in south carolina tomorrow. going to be beclairing, coming to iowa after a stop in new hampshire. iowa on sunday, this really is such a smart play, is it not to grab attention from ames? >> i think it's a little bit of a question mark. there are veteran gop operatives who are sal rating to get rick perry in the race because he's a sitting governor from a big state with a very good story to tell on jobs.
10:33 am
the problem is he's a lot like the other candidates. he doesn't separate out on social issues, fiscal issues. he's the big bully coming in. can he carve out his own territory. >> what about sarah palin shoes just shown up at the state fair playing this game of showing a little bit, but not really. >> i think she just can't stand being out of the limelight. this is like one last chance to get back in the spotlight before it moves on and the campaign becomes completely formed. i can't imagine she's going to get in this race. >> what is rick perry's strengths? >> i think as anne said 4 economic story he has to tell, now granted the energy states typically have done very, very well the last couple of years, he's -- he can get the energy going among social conservatives maybe a little better than tim pawlenty can and certainly mitt romney can. a more recent updated and
10:34 am
stronger jobs. he's a big package. the question is is he too much like george w. bush which is interesting since they don't particularly get along. >> at the same time bachmann did she show some real problems being able to handle the economic questions. she really doubled down on the default of being against the debt ceiling raising and default isn't that big an issue we could have handled it. lest see for a second the way she handled it with lester holt on the "today" show. >> you cannot turn the economy around if you give become bam a blank check for $2.4 trillion in exchange for $21 billion in cuts. >> this raising the debt ceiling was for bills that have been agreed to, not new spending. >> actually that's not true. this money will go not just to bills that have already been spent, this will be for future money as well.
10:35 am
that's a false statement. >> so here she's saying to lester holt that raising the debt ceiling is to take care of future money not past money, which is not factual. >> it's not true, but on the other hand she's not saying anything that a lot of republican caucus attendees or primary voters would disagree with. >> politically it's fine. >> politically it's fine. i think she showed for someone who's never run for statewide office she can play at that level. when byron york asked the submission question, i could feel the pressure of that press room change. she deflected it nicely. >> what did you think of that question? the question of the debate and she really handled it? >> it was one of the few personal questions that was asked in terms of how you live your personal life. i think you heard the room kind of rise up against the question. she had an extra moment to say, this is how we think about it in
10:36 am
our marriage. i thought it was a strong response. >> her role as the woman on the stage, does it make it harder when tim pawlenty goes after her? harder to attack a woman candidate? that was a question that when he faced when hillary clinton was running as well in 2008. >> i think we're over that now. she's fair game. she's at the top of the leader board. fair game. >> charlie, when we look forward to the next round, now we're going to be moving on after iowa. are they all going to come out of here are could some not make it to september 7th when we have the debate? >> i think you're going to have rick perry in, but a couple could be out. people that are just not going to make it past the iowa straw poll. that's the normal circumstances. >> what would be the test of tim pawlenty? what's his threshold? >> i think he really needs to come in, if he's not first or second, boy, he'd better be a third that's nipping on the heels of second place.
10:37 am
but he's got to make up for lost ground. it's probably an unfair standard, but i think it probably is the standard that's there. i don't see how he can raise money if he doesn't come in an enormously strong third if not second or first. >> anne, the write in for rick perry is that viable? >> i see trucks driving around des moines saying write in rick perry. i think we'll see. i think there's likely to be a bigger constituency showing up unaffiliated with any campaign this time around. that's always the wild card. >> anne selzer so great to see you and charlie cook. >> she nailed the caucus last time. it was unbelievable. >> it's going to be harder this time. >> i'm sticking with you anne. >> michele bachmann will be david gregory's guest on a special edition of "meet the press" from iowa. while we're committed to politicians we're committed to education nation.
10:38 am
that is something that has been our huge focus on msnbc. our making the grade series today as we try to find ways to improve america's public schools, how do we make college more accessible? curtis ivory is the chancellor of wayne county community college in detroit and she joins us now. chancellor, thanks so much for joining us. what is the biggest problem in terms of getting people to college who have the first of all, the ability to go to college, but don't have the means? >> thank you, andrea. i in terms of i think it's about access. what we've done for years community colleges have been uniquely positioned to respond to a change in environment of paradigm shift. for many years we've been affordable and proo provided a lot of access. we have opened doors. we've asked students to come to be with us and take those
10:39 am
students from where we find them and take them where they would want to be. that's been our challenge. i believe we've done it well for several years now. >> and how do you deal with the achievement gap? this is such a huge problem. you have to start in the elementary schools and primary schools before you even get to secondary education. >> yes. and i think there's been -- there's been a sense of constructive urgency. the govern and the state have made a commitment to make it a top down process. we're looking at metrics, outcomes, accountability measures and i think that's what it takes obviously we know that in terms of how we teach and how we deliver that it's got to start early. it's probably going to start before grade school. we know that student, a young child will have a core personality by the age of 3. and certainly the values by the
10:40 am
age of 6. it's going to start early. by the time they're in grade school, they should be well on their way. when we receive them, we try to be open. while we have an open door their rigged requirements for a number of programs. when those students are not repaired, we do everything that we can do in terms of what we call gateway programs and gateway courses. bridge programs, if you will, to work with those students to ensure that they have some level of success. >> what about the federal budget cuts that are there and are only going to get worse, how is that affecting wayne county community college? >> well, i don't know that it's so much at the federal level, but certainly at the local level community colleges are funded primarily from three sources, property taxes, tuition, and the state stipend which is probably
10:41 am
the smallest portion of that. but this has been a perfect storm. community colleges all over the country have struggled. we're now asked to do more with less. but until we address the budget issue on a national level, the we all struggle. we will all be talking about sustainability and capacity. that's a real issue to do more with less in an economic downturn. students tend to go to college when they're not able to work. >> wayne, i' trying to make a difference. join msnbc this sunday at noon for a special two-hour program a stronger america marking the grade. live from detroit hosted by tamron hall along with jeff johnson. and be a part of the conversation at and on twitter.
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10:46 am
she's got to return to florida. what's her future like. my interview with the education secretary aroundy duncan, why he calls no child left behind a slow moving train wreck and he says politics is hurting education. "news nation" is just 15 minutes away. and live shots -- live pictures of michele bachmann holding a town hall in iowa the day after that debate. the day in advance of the iowa straw poll. she's out there campaigning. iowa isn't only a key battle ground for republicans. it is a very big deal for democrats and one of the state's best known democrats is now running for congress. christie vilsack is iowa's former first lady. you're running against steve king the incumbent republican. >> i am. >> democrats are also being vilified as well as republicans. beth parties in all the polls. how do you run for congress when
10:47 am
people are fed up with washington, this debt ceiling debate has dragged the whole constitution of congress down? >> i think that people in washington might take a lesson from the people in the small towns in iowa. when you live in a small town as i have my entire life, you have to get along. you teach people's childrens. you sit next to them in church, you come together in the same room. in my hometown there are two u.s. highways that intersect and people come to those that intersection and there's no stoplight. you have to stop and look people in the eye. i think that we need to lower our voices and raise our sights. i want to run as a problem solver. someone who knows how to get into a room and collaborate. i think that's how you run. people are -- they may be fed up with washington. they want people to get into a room and get things done. we understand that in iowa because we're common sense people. and they expect when they elect someone to the congress that
10:48 am
they will walk into a room and negotiate with people and compromise. that's what i want to do. >> what about jobs? it's the biggest question and the president frankly no one seems to have any real answer as to what to do in this economy short-term, people talk about infrastructure and investment in the future. in the near term, people need to be employed. >> they do. that's what people are talking about. i traveled in 39 counties certainly on a listening tour. i also most recently have been attending fairs and festivals that communities have in iowa during the summer just talking to people randomly. i have no idea what party they vote for. but they're talking about jobs. they're certainly talking about the safety net of social security and medicare. and they're talking about jobs. there's things that we can do. we can make sure that the workforce is taken care of and
10:49 am
have a little extra money in their pockets so they don't have to pay the payroll tax. we can extend unemployment insurance. i'm interest maryland the idea of apprenticeships. i'm going to be talking in the next few weeks about how we might introduce more apprenticeships to stimulate the economy. we have a wonderful resource in iowa through our community colleges. and we need to take advantage of that. many of the young people who graduate from our community colleges actually stay here, go back to their hometowns and work. we also have a lot of opportunity that we've created in the biofuels industry and the wind industry. we need to make those jobs available not only to the young people now in our colleges and universities and to our veterans coming home. rural america sends more young people to serve in afghanistan and iraq and they're going to be copping back. we owe them something. we owe them an opportunity. >> we owe them everything. >> we do. >> great to see you again. former first lady, which was your role when i first met you. married of course to the former governor tom vilsack our now
10:50 am
agriculture secretary who will be out on the bus tour next week with president obama. >> thank you very much. >>. and what political story will be making headlines in the next 24 hours. you guessed what will be makin headlines in the next 24 hours? we are live from java joes in des moines, and where else?
10:51 am
10:52 am
10:53 am
"newsnation" with tamron hall next, only on msnbc. which political story will make headlines in the next 24 hours, and managing editor of, and there was a moment when there was a question asked legitimate question of michele bachmann about being submissive to your husband. >> you describeded a moment in your life when your husband said that you should study for a degree in tax law and you said you hated the idea, and then you explain quote, but the lord said be submissive and wives are to
10:54 am
be submissive to your husbands and as president would you be submissive to your husband? [ audience boos ] >> what submission means to us if that is what your question is, it means respect. i respect my husband. he is a wonderful godly man and a great fa theshs and he respects me as his wife. >> well, she even paused longer than that to let the boos play, because the audience was in her court. >> and this is the most important thing, and it was clear, andrea, she was under attack for much of the debate, and what she did was smart, get the audience on her side and unfair she was being targeted and i thought that honestly waiting and the answer was quite good and this is a moment where she could have been portrayed of outside of the mainstream and she said this is about respect and i respect my husband and he respects me. i thought it was a very nice moment for her in what could have been a very tough moment for her. so quite good. >> we will be in ames tomorrow,
10:55 am
and in iowa doing it tomorrow. >> yes, and i won't have a suit on then. >> no, not for ames. not for the straw poll. >> no. >> thank you, chris cillizza, and great to see you here and that is going do it for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports." msnbc's live coverage of the ames straw poll begins tomorrow at 7:00 a.m. eastern and don't miss a special edition of "andrea mitchell reports" at 4:00 eastern and followed at 6:00 by the "daily rundown" with chuck todd. and tamron hall is up next with "newsnation." thank you. we are following breaking news with casey anthony, and she has just been ordered to return to florida, and we have new details that the judge has set for casey anthony to come back to florida and report to her probation officer. and plus, a u.s. appeals court ruled that part of president obama's health care law is unconstitutional and what is being said in response? "newsnation" is moments away. ♪
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i'm tamron hall and the "newsnation" is following breaking news out of florida this hour. the judge has ruled that casey anthony must return to orlando within two weeks to serve supervised probation stemming from a check fraud case, and anthony has been laying low since she was released from prison last month after being found not guilty of murdering her 2-year-old little girl caylee. and we are joined from miami, and we are all waiting lilia, what the judge in this case said, judge bell vin, and he says she must return. >> yes, she must return no later than august 26th by noon. she can go back earlier and the order details that casey anthony can choose to get there at an earlier date, but she must report for probation. and judge perry also authorized the department of corrections to keep the information and particularly her address secret. he says that casey anthony has clear threats against her and even quotes in online poll as recently that


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